Grundy County

Official Website of Grundy County Government Offices


Welcome to Grundy County, which contains a great mixture of business and agriculture, recently named by Progressive Farmer Magazine as the 6th best County to live in of all the Counties of America.

From the days of the construction of the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal, the first commercial nuclear power plant and recently, windmill generated power, Industry has been a important part of Grundy County.

Grundy County provides some of the best agricultural land in America with a waterway for shipping on the Illinois River, two railroads and two interstate highways for coast to coast transportation.

Immortalized in song, Grundy County's railroads, the SantaFe and Rock Island Line will long be remembered. Recent upgrades to the railroads and future plans for high speed rail will carry Grundy County into the future.

  • Ron Severson,
    Chairman, Grundy County Board