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Provisional Voting

Provisional voting was created to allow a voter, whose eligibility has been questioned, to vote on Election Day. Provisional Ballots must be kept in a separate and secure container until the voter’s eligibility to vote is determined by the Election Authority AFTER Election Day.

Provisional voting applies in six different circumstances:

  • Person’s name doesn’t appear on official list of eligible voters, active or inactive, for the precinct which person seeks to vote
  • Person’s voting status has been challenged by an election judge, poll watcher, or any legal voter and that challenge has been sustained by a majority of election judges
  • A Federal or State court order extends the time for closing the polls beyond the time period established by State law & the person votes during the extended time period
  • Voter registered by mail and cannot provide identification on Election Day
  • The voter's name appears on the list of voters who voted during the early voting period, but voter claims not to have voted during the early voting period
  • The voter received an absentee ballot but did not return the absentee ballot to the election authority

Provisional voting ensures all qualified voters are allowed to vote. It corrects any error made during the registration process and updates voter records. It registers voters for future elections.

After the Provisional Voter has voted at the polling place on Election Day, they will be instructed to submit additional proof of registration to the election authority. The voter will be instructed how to determine if their ballot was counted.

For information is available by either calling the County Clerk’s office 815-941-3222 or the State Board of Elections web