Grundy County

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Probation Home


Monday - Friday • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


(815) 941-3266


(815) 941-3267


111 E Washington St.• Morris, IL 60450

Adult Officers:

  • Susan Dobbs
  • Laura Aye

Juvenile Officers:

  • Nancy Hiney
  • Chuck Goodwin

The mission of the Probation and Court Services departments of the Thirteenth
Judicial Circuit of Illinois is to serve the needs of Judiciary, the Public and the
Clients. Service is to be timely, accurate and delivered without bias.

H. Chris Ryan Jr., Chief Judge (815) 434-0786
Robert C. Marsaglia, Resident Judge (815) 941-3254
Lance R. Peterson, Circuit Judge (815) 941-3252
Sheldon R. Sobol, Associate Judge (815) 941-3554
William Pfalzgraf, Director of Court Services (815) 434-6886
Lori Wakeman, Court Administrator (815) 434-0786
Mark Krueger, Director of Probation (815) 434-0786
Gary Bensa, Juvenile Probation Supervisor
Andrew Ceresa, Adult Probation Supervisor


Court Services Department Organization

The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Illinois consists of the counties of LaSalle, Bureau and Grundy. There are seven (7) elected Circuit Judges and five (5) appointed Associate Judges.

To assist the court system in the administration of justice, several departments are also included within the jurisdiction of the Courts, These departments are Probation, Detention, Public Defender Investigator, Jury Commission, Bailiff, Court Reporter and Law Library.

The Chief Judge, selected by a majority of the Circuit Judges within the Circuit, has the administrative authority for the entire Court Services Department. Administrative authority includes assignments of Circuit and Associate Judges, administering the Judicial Department, appointment of Director of Court Services, and designating when and where Court shall be held.

Five (5) Associate Judges are appointed by the Circuit Judges to assist in handling court cases.

The chief Judge is assisted by the Director of Court Services, the Court Administrator, the Assistant Court Administrator, and the Executive Secretary. These positions have the responsibility for budget and overall supervision of Court Services as directed by the Chief Judge. The Director of Court Services is assisted by the Director of Probation Services, Director of Detention Services and Public Defender Office/Investigator Coordinator. The Court Administrator is assisted by the Jury Coordinator and Chief Bailiff. Each of these department heads are responsible for the daily operations of their department.

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