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Probation Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Probation and Court Services Department to remain objective on all matters. This will assist the Courts in making decisions which will benefit all concerned.

This Department is an arm of the Court, operation under the guidance and authority of the Chief Judge as mandated by statue. As such, this department shall be responsive to all requests from the Court, giving high priority to the needs of the Court, meeting all time lines for reports, and furnishing any information requested.

As part of the Court system, the Probation philosophy is to protect the rights of all involved with the system. The public and the client must be served by the Probation Department.

Probation should be considered as a sentence enacted by the Court to prevent any further infractions by the client. This department must enforce the rules and conditions of probation as mandated by statute and imposed by the Court.

The clients must be made to realize there are consequences for their actions.

With the realization that each client is an individual with individual problems and the right to treatment, Probation becomes a broker of services. No one Probation Officer is an expert in all areas and cannot solve all problems. We, as Probation Officers, must be aware of this fact and have the knowledge to use the community for assistance. Our clients can best be served by allowing them to lead lives as free from outside interference as possible. We must be available to guide and advise the client while allowing our clients the freedom to make choices about their future. Decisions cannot be made for the clients.

Although the clients have many rights, the public also has the right to be protected. Each of the clients must be classified and supervised according to their risks and needs. this will protect the public by solving problems before they affect the public.

Direct services to juveniles and their families are to be provided by the Department. It is the objective of these interventions to reduce the probability of future delinquency and further penetration into the justice system.

The Probation Officer shall provide the juvenile with accountability and positive role model. This intervention is directed towards assisting the juvenile in making appropriate decisions and becoming a contributing member of society.