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Election Day Information

Grundy County uses 2 types of election equipment, Optical Scan (OS) and Touchscreen (TSx).

Optical Scan is the paper ballot. Once voted, the ballot is placed into the Optical Scanner and the ballot is recorded on both paper tape trail and a memory card.

Touchscreen is a process where the voter literally touches a computer screen and votes. The ballot is recorded on both paper tape trail and a memory card.


Voter Assistance on Election Day:

"Assistance" means the actual casting of a vote by a specified person in the privacy of the voting booth on Election Day for a voter. Those giving assistance must vote as directed by the voter. Only those voters who genuinely need assistance may be given assistance. Illinois law provides that the following persons may receive assistance:

  • Physically disabled or blind voters
  • Those voters who cannot read or write the English language

Of course, all voters needing assistance must be registered to vote.

A voter who needs assistance may be given assistance by a person of the voter’s choice. However, the person giving the assistance cannot be an officer or agent of the voter’s employer or union. If the voter does not specify a person, then the voter can be assisted by two election judges, one from each political party.

Assistance can only be given upon the voter’s request and only after the voter and the
person(s) assisting completes and signs the appropriate affidavit. The voter’s Application for Ballot must be marked by an Election Judge to show that the voter requested assistance.

Any handicapped or elderly voter, who cannot enter the polling place, may request to vote outside (near the entrance) of his/her polling place. Requests must be made to the Grundy County Clerk (Election Authority 815-941-3222 8:00 am to 4:30 pm) by close of business on the day before the election. The County Clerk will notify the appropriate election judges of the name(s) of those making the request.