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Can I come see him/her?

Seeing your loved one at the funeral home is a more appropriate atmosphere than the morgue. However, exceptions are made to ease the pain of a grieving family, or in some cases it would be for identification purpose.

Can I contact the Coroner’s Office?

Certainly. You may call 815-942-3792 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday or leave a message on the answering machine. The Coroner's cell phone is 815-405-1210 and that number may be called at anytime. For questions of interest that pertain to forensic death investigations, you may email the coroner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Is an autopsy always performed?

Not always. If the death is a “Natural Death” and the deceased has a physician who knows the medical cause of death and will furnish the Coroner with acceptable cause, the Coroner will normally not order an autopsy.

What about funeral arrangements?

Making that initial call to the funeral director is very difficult. If you advise the Coroner’s Office of your preference of funeral home, we will make the call for you. Your funeral director will then coordinate further arrangements with the Grundy County Coroner’s Office and help you begin the preparations for your loved one’s funeral.

What Are Inquest Cases?

A coroner's inquest is neither a civil nor a criminal trial proceeding. It is simply an inquiry into the cause and manner of an individual's death.

An inquest is conducted by the coroner with six to eight jurors present. The inquest takes place in the Grundy County Administration Center located at 1320 Union Street, Morris, IL 60450.

What Happens During a Coroner's Investigation?

Once it has been determined that death has occurred, police personnel seal off the scene and the Coroner's Office is called. The processing of the scene provides the factual information needed to determine what occurred. In many cases, evidence obtained at the scene may be critical to the outcome of the investigation. The time involved in processing the scene varies widely, from hours to even days. An investigation usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. This could also require subpoenaed medical records, dental records, etc. An autopsy is performed when necessary and toxicology samples are taken and submitted to a forensic laboratory for analysis on many cases.

Where is my loved one being taken?

Your loved one may be transported to the Grundy County Coroner’s facility. This laboratory facility is where we will perform a medical examination on the deceased.

Why are autopsies performed?

There are a number of reasons autopsies are performed. However, the basic reason is to determine the medical cause of death. Another primary reason is to gather evidence for presentation in a court of law.

Why is the Coroner involved in the death of my loved one?

The following is a list of deaths the Coroner is required to investigate: