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County Board

Does the Board have committees?

The County Board has eleven main committees.

How are Board Meetings conducted?

The State of Illinois stipulates that all County Board meetings must be open to the public. The County Chairman leads the board through the items that are presented on the agenda. The items that are generally covered include committee reports, new/old business, reports from elected and appointed officials and public comments. Meetings can last up to several hours depending on the contents of the agenda.

May I speak at the Board Meeting?

Because the County Board meeting is open to the public anyone is allowed to attend. The County does not have any restrictions as to who may address the board, as long as those comments are voiced at the appropriate time of the meeting and are relevant to the County. Usually at the beginning of the meeting the public is asked to address the Board with their comments and concerns to allow time for all county business to be addressed and acted upon. The County Chairman has the responsibility to recognize visitors for comments, to maintain order and decorum during the meeting, and to call an end to comments when it seems appropriate.

What if I have a concern?

The County employs an administrative staff to ensure the efficient day-to-day operation of the County activities. They are often in the position to provide the information you need or to address your concern.

What is the County Board?

The County Board consists of 18 elected representatives from three county districts. The Board Members can serve a 2 or 4 year term depending on when they are elected.

When does the County Board meet?

The County Board meets the second Tuesday of every month. (unless otherwise posted)

Will the Board resolve my concern at this meeting?

The Board rarely can be expected to act immediately on an issue brought before it for the first time. Even with more familiar issues, the board takes action only after it has thoroughly examined all aspects of an issue.