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Can the State's Attorney help me collect child support?

Pursuant to the Non-Support Punishment Act, 750 ILCS 16/1 et seq., the Grundy County State’s Attorney’s Office may initiate claims for payment of court ordered child support when the payor is a minimum of three months or more behind in child support payments.

Child support claims prosecuted by this office are limited to those cases that have been previously adjudicated in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Grundy County and to cases wherein both parties to the action reside within the State of Illinois.

This office does have the ability to garnish employment wages, but does not have the legal authority to garnish income tax returns or unemployment wages.

The primary child support agency within the State of Illinois is the Department of Healthcare and Family Services whose cases are prosecuted by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. These State agencies have the ability to garnish income tax returns, unemployment wages and employment wages, and to handle all cases where one of the parties resides outside of the State of Illinois.

Contact with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services for child support services may be made by:
Call 1-800-447-4278
Visit their website,
Visit the Division of Child Support Enforcement
DCSE Field Staff LaSalle County 
690 Centennial Drive, Ottawa, IL 61350.