Supervisor of Assessments

County of Grundy–Job Posting

Date of Posting:                                7/13/15

Applications Accepted Until:       Posted until filled

Job Title:                                             Supervisor of Assessments

Employee Status:                             Full-Time, 40 hours/wk, Exempt



The  office  of Supervisor of Assessments  was created for  the  purpose of overseeing  the assessment process  for property  tax  purposes.  The term of office shall be 4 years from the date of appointment and until a successor is appointed and qualified.



To enter upon the duties of the office, a person must possess one of the following qualifications:


  1. Annually assemble all assessors and their deputies for consultation and instruct them in uniformity of their functions.
  2. In the event a Township Assessor fails to perform his or her duties, the Supervisor of Assessments shall act as the primary assessor.
  3. Maintain a detailed Property Record Card system, including appraisals.
  4. Prepare and maintain county aerial base tax maps.
  5. Prepare and maintain property owners’ names and addresses.
  6. Procure at regular intervals from the records maintained by the Recorder, information relating to transfers of property.
  7. Establish and maintain a Property Index Numbering system. Such system shall cross reference legal descriptions and property addresses.
  8. Complete the Property Transfer Declarations and forward to the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  9. Assess all non-farm property at 33 1/3% of its fair cash value.
  10. Annual recalculation and reassessment of farm land values.
  11. Develop pro-rata valuations for improvements added or removed between January 1 and December 31 of each year.
  12. Equalize the assessments by increasing or reducing the entire assessments of property in the county or any area therein or of any class of property so that the assessments will be at 33 1/3% of fair cash value.
  13. Maintain the assessed valuation of property within the county between 31 1 /3% and 35 1/3% of total fair cash value so that the county shall receive from the State of Illinois 50% reimbursement of the Supervisor of Assessment’s salary.
  14. Value special properties in accordance with procedures as established by state law.
  15. Value all large components of industrial machinery and equipment as real estate in accordance with the “like kind” provision of the Illinois Statutes.
  16. Mail notice to each taxpayer whose assessment has been changed since the preceding year.
  17. Cause to be published in a newspaper or newspapers in Grundy County a list of assessments that have been added or changed, except for equalization, since the preceding year.
  18. In a quadrennial year, cause to be published in a newspaper or newspapers in Grundy County a full and complete list of all assessments by township in the county. In addition to the publication, each taxpayer shall receive a mailed notice of the assessed valuation.
  19. Administer applications and certificates of all non-homestead exemptions.
  20. Establish and maintain assessments  on non-homestead   exempted  property  which  are leased  to another  party.
  21. Administer applications and re-certification of the following homestead exemptions: Disabled Veteran Exemption,

Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption, Senior Citizens Assessment, Freeze Homestead Exemption, Homestead Improvement Exemption.

  1. File the following forms with the Illinois  Department  of Revenue: PT AX Form 280A,  Tentative  Abstract  of Assessments PTAX  Form 280A attachment,  Reclassification   Report, PT AX Form  282, Non-Farm  Parcels  Exceeding  $999,999  in Assessed Value, PTAX  Form 204/SA,  Equalization  Report,
  2. Clerk of the Board of Review:
  • Accepting Complaints
  • Scheduling hearings
  • Notifying property  owners
  • Publishing action of the Board
  • Maintain Board  minutes
  • Maintain Board dockets
  1. Respond and defend Board of Review action before the State Property Tax Appeal Board.
  2. Issue Certificates of Error setting forth nature and cause of error for submission to Circuit Court for its approval.
  3. File the following forms on behalf of the Board of Review to the Illinois Department of Revenue:
  • PTAX Form 204/BR  attachment,  Reclassification Report
  • PT AX Form 204/BR, Equalization Report
  • PTAX Form 282/BR,  Non-Farm  Parcels  Exceeding   $999,999  in Assessed Value
  1. Presiding Chairman of the Advisory Farmland Assessment Review Committee
  2. Communicate with the following:
  • Tax Payers
  • Company Tax Representatives
  • Mapping vendor Computer   vendor Newspaper  & radio  media
  • County Officials
  • Township Officials
  • State legislators & staff
  • Department of Revenue
  • Other State agencies


  1. Attend the following committee meetings:
  • Tax
  • Personnel
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Finance
  • Department Head
  • Safety




  1. Assist the County Board and other taxing district boards in developing real estate tax abatements and  real  estate tax  rebates  as  authorized  by  Tax  Increment  Finance Districts (“TIF”).
  2. Develop fair market value estimates of an unimproved acre of land for the School Site Donation Land Cash Ordinance.
  3. Estimate the value loss to property, if any, caused by it being adjoining to the sand pit on Cemetery Road.




  1. A Certified Illinois Assessing Official   certificate, or
  2. A Certified Assessment Evaluator Certificate, or
  3. A Member of the Appraisal Institute   (MAI), Residential Member (RM), Senior Real Estate Analyst

(SREA), Senior Real Property   Analyst (SRPA) or Senior Residential Analyst (SRA) certification from the

Appraisal Institute or its predecessor organizations.


In addition,  a person must  have had   at  least  2 years of experience  in the  field  of property  sales, assessments, finance   or appraisals  and must have passed an examination conducted by the  Department to determine his or her  competence to hold the  office.


Valid Driver’s License is required.




Associate’s  degree  (A.A.)  or  equivalent  from two  year  college  or  technical  school; minimum two years of experience in the field of property sales, assessments, finance or appraisals  and  must  have  passed  an  examination  conducted  by  the  Department  of Revenue to determine his or her competence to hold the office.

  • Interpretation of aerial based tax maps
  • Expertise in legal descriptions
  • Researching capabilities related to ownership documentation and judicial rulings
  • Expertise in the mass appraisal process and its application
  • Expertise in the fee appraisal process
  • Expertise in the Illinois Appraisal Manual and its application
  • Working knowledge of existing State Statutes
  • Analysis of proposed legislation and its effect locally
  • Knowledge of accounting procedures


Supervisor of Assessments Examination will be held 10:30am on August 11, 2015.



While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, kneel, talk, hear, see, and use fingers, hands, and arms as well as lift file boxes up to 25 pounds.

Any qualified applicant with a disability and requiring reasonable assistance or accommodation to the application and/or interview process should notify the HR Department.


TO APPLY:  Candidates must meet the minimum requirements of the position in order to be considered.


Send resume and salary requirements to with “Supervisor of Assessments” in the subject line, or mail to Grundy County Administration, Attn: Human Resources, 1320 Union Street, Morris, IL  60450.


No phone calls please.











Grundy County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will give consideration to all qualified applicants without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, political affiliations, sexual orientation, or any other non-merit factor. 


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