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Posted Roads - Rural Waste Collection Sites




Date: Monday, March 2, 2015
Grundy County Highway Department
Phone: (815) 942-0363


Posted Roads – Rural Waste Collection Restrictions

Beginning Monday, March 9th, residents living on weight restricted roads in Erienna and Wauponsee Townships will have their regular waste and recycling pickup halted due to weight limits placed on rural roads.  Residents in these townships will need to transport their trash to designated dumpster sites unless advised otherwise by their waste hauler.  Residents living on the following roads are affected:

Erienna: Bluff, LaSalle, Longpoint, Nettle Creek, Nettle School and the west 1 mile of Stockdale.
Wauponsee: Gulley, Lund, Lynn and Vanderpool.

All other residents will have their garbage pickup continue as normal.  

The following list provides the locations of the dumpsters for the affected townships.  Only residents who live on the affected roads may use these dumpsters.  Persons other than the affected residents can be fined for using the dumpsters.  

Erienna – 7200 Old Stage Road (just east of Mann’s Floral Shop)
Wauponsee - Township Building located at IL 47 and Southmor Road

Recycling will be temporarily suspended for the affected residents living on these posted roads.  

The spring thaw brings many issues for our area township roads.  As the ground warms up, the frost under the roads melts and creates soft spots.  These soft spots can be easily damaged by such actions as a heavy truck driving over them.  The damage adds to the cost of road maintenance to taxpayers and takes money away from other needed projects.  To help avoid these extra expenses, weight limits are established to limit the amount of damage to the roads.

Once weather and road conditions stabilize, regular waste and recycling pick-up will resume.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your waste hauler, township official, or the Grundy County Highway Department at 815-942-0363.  In addition, you can visit the County website at, click ‘Quick Links” to view township maps showing which roads have been restricted for garbage pickup and information concerning these road postings.