County Treasurer


Monday — Friday • 8:00 AM — 4:30 PM


(815) 941-3215


(815) 941-3448


111 E. Washington Street, Room 33 Morris, IL 60450


Important Notice

September 9, 2016
The annual tax sale is November 16th at 9 AM at the Administration Building (1320 Union Street, Morris, IL 60450).

Grundy County Real Estate Tax Bills Press Release

June 2, 2016

The County Clerk’s office works to provide accurate tax levy data for use in determining tax rates.  Every year during the tax extension process, levy requests are entered into the Clerk’s software, including bond amounts.

However, very infrequently, errors do occur.  Fortunately, there is a system of checks and balance in place to catch and rectify such errors prior to the taxpayers’ receipt of their tax bill.  Such was the case when an error in the Clerk’s calculation of the school district’s debt service levy was discovered by Minooka School District No. 111, and reported to the Clerk’s office prior to the mailing of the tax bills.   The tax bills were scheduled, and ready for delivery on June 3rd, however, once this was discovered, the Treasurer’s office pulled the bills from being sent.  The Clerk’s office has since recalculated the levy, the District has approved the calculations, and the tax bills will be mailed on or before June 15th with the first installment due July 15thand the second installment due September 15th.


Tax Payment Information

Online tax payments are no longer being processed.   Credit card processing has ended, at this time the Treasurer’s Office will only accept cash or cashier’s check as payment on your tax bills.

Please visit our Treasurer’s office at 111 E. Washington Street, Morris to process your tax payment.


Online Tax Bill Inquiry

Please click here to look up tax parcel information.



Collects and disburses real estate taxes and other financial aspects of the county. Also pays county bills including all county personnel payroll.



General Information:

  • The County Treasurer, (815) 941-3215, has information pertaining to the actual tax bill, amount and tax payment procedures.
  • Duplicate copies of tax bills are available for $5.00 if you are not the homeowner of record.
  • The County Clerk’s Office, (815) 941-3227, can answer inquiries about the various tax rates and levies.
  • The Supervisor of Assessments Office, (815) 941-3269, can offer assistance relating to assessments, property descriptions, exemptions and reporting mailing address changes.
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