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For Assessment Year 2020

Failure to properly complete this form and provide the necessary documentation shall result in dismissal of your complaint. Complaints must be filed (in person or post-marked) on or before 30 calendar days after Date of Publication for the Assessment Year. All evidence must accompany this complaint to be considered full and complete. All requests for a reduction of over $99,999 in assessed valuation must be accompanied by sufficient evidence (typically an appraisal). Incomplete complaint forms will be returned to the Complainant/Owner of Record, regardless of who submitted the complaint. A separate complaint must be filed for each individual parcel. In 2020, the Board of Review will not conduct any interactive hearings. All complaints will be based on the weight of the evidence submitted and should include a written argument.

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Section 1: Property Identification (Required)

Property Information

Complainant/Owner of Record Information:

(All Complainants who are being represented by an attorney must also fill out the Board of Review Power of Attorney form)

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Section 2: Opinion of Correct Assessment and Oath (required)

The following lines must be completed. The Assessed Value is available at the Supervisor of Assessments office.

Assessed Value:
Complainant Opinion:

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Section 3: Description of Property (required)

Fill out below for residential property. If commercial or industrial property, attach a detailed description of all improvements, and income & expense statements for the three (3) preceding years.

When and for how much was the most recent sale of the property?

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Section 4: Recent Sale Data (required if checked in section 2)

The following information regarding the sale of the subject property is required by the Grundy County Board of Review to assist in rendering a decision based on the sale evidence provided by the complainant. It is the policy of the Board that when the complainant supplies evidence of a recent arm's length sale of the property, the complaint will be decided based on the evidence contained in the record. Sales between relatives, under stress, compulsory (court order, divorce, condemnation, etc.), and sales that did not occur within six (6) months prior to, or within twelve (12) months subsequent to the assessment year under appeal, are not considered true indicators of actual value. Read carefully and answer all questions.

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Section 5: Comparable Sales/Assessment Equity (required if checked in section 2)

An appraisal from a State Licensed Appraiser may be substituted for completion of this section.

Comparable Sales: Evidence of recent sales of property comparable to the subject property, including the dates of sale, the prices paid, a property record card, and description of each sale showing how it compares to the subject property shall be submitted. (Note: The comparable sales should be similar to the subject property in size, design, age, amenities, and location.) Assessment Equity: Evidence of assessments of property similar to the subject property, including current assessment of each property, the property record card for each property, and description of each property demonstrating its comparability to the subject property shall be submitted. (Note: The assessment comparables should be similar to the subject property in size, design, age, amenities, and location.)

At least three (3) comparables must be provided.

Subject Property
Comparable #1
Comparable #2
Comparable #3
Proximity to Subject
Location (Subdivision)
Total Land Sq. Ft. (or Lot Size)
Design/No. of Stories/Class
Exterior Construction
Age of Property
No. of Bathrooms
Living Area (SqFt) (A)
Basement Type & Total Area (SqFt)
Finished Basement Area (SqFt)
Air Conditioning (Yes/No)
No. of Fireplaces
Garage/Carport (SqFt)
Other Improvements
Date of Sale
Sale Price (B)
Sale Price per SqFt of Living Area (B/A)
LAND Assessment
IMPROVEMENT Assessment (C)
TOTAL Assessment
IMPR. Assessment per SqFt of Living Area (C/A)

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Section 6: Recent Construction (required if checked in section 2)

Submit evidence of recent construction of the subject property, including the price paid for the land, and construction of the buildings including all labor. (Note: If the complainant provided any labor or acted as general contractor, evidence of the value of this service should be included with the evidence of the other construction costs.)

What was the total cost of the:

You must supply to the Grundy County Board of Review a Contractor's Affidavit or a written summary of the total cost.

If commercial or industrial property, please submit a detailed cost breakdown of all improvements. The breakdown must reflect not only direct construction costs, but all indirect costs as well.

Section 7: Additional Evidence, Comments (required)

Once you hit submit your form will be sent to the Board of Review. You will then receive an e-mail with your docket number. Once you have that e-mail please send a recent photograph of the subject property and comparable properties used in the complaint. In addition please add any other comments or statements you would like considered below.

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