Divorce Information

Dissolution of Marriage / Civil Union

Self-represented litigants are strongly encouraged to visit the Illinois Courts Divorce , Child Support, and Maintenance page at https://www.illinoiscourts.gov/forms/approved-forms/forms-circuit-court/divorce-child-support-maintenance.

This page contains many tools, such as, how to get started, step-by-step instructions, and forms with instructions for completion.

Please remember that the Circuit Clerks staff cannot provide legal advice.

Please note:

  1. A completed Certificate of Dissolution should be electronically filed at the time the Petition for Dissolution is filed. The certificate will be a separate lead document.
    Certificate of Dissolution
  2. The Court requires you to have the following documents in order prior to obtaining a Prove Up date.  (At a prove up, the court hears some brief testimony from you. Then it reviews your judgment or settlement agreement to make sure all of the requirements have been met and that the agreement is fair and complete.)
    – Appearance filed by Respondent
    – Certificate of Completion of Parenting Class (only those classes approved by Local Court Rule) filed for both Parties
    – Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (filed with Petition for Dissolution)
    – Original Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, fully completed and signed by each party (and Marital Settlement Agreement signed by each party, if applicable)
    – Allocation Judgment allocating parental responsibilities and parenting time, fully completed and signed by each party (if minor children)
    -Uniform Order for Support, fully completed and signed by each party with statutory child support calculations attached (if minor child and or children who are 18, but have not graduated from high school)

Prove Up Requirements

Steps to E-File:

Step one – Select and complete the form you will file.
Step two – Set up your account and file the document you prepared in step one.
Step by step instructions for preparing documents and the electronic filing process.

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