Meagan’s Story

In the summer of 2009, 24 year-old Meagan Ahlstrom of Geneva, was a young, vibrant and godly woman, as well as a student at the University of Tennessee. In the early morning hours of June 14, 2009, Meagan and her mother Rebecca were on their way home from the University of Tennessee, when they were struck head-on, by a drunk driver in the area of the Grundy County Fairgrounds, outside of Morris, IL. Meagan was killed instantly and her young life was taken as a consequence of the intoxicated driver’s decision to drive impaired that morning. The driver was subsequently sentenced to 5 ½ years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

After the tragedy, Rebecca demonstrated remarkable strength and went on to speak to students and organizations in the area, discussing her loss and the consequences of drunken driving, as well as releasing the book: Jesus Meet Me: Knowing A Personal God, a combination of Meagan’s journal entries and Rebecca’s struggles throughout grieving.

Since the event, with the help of Exelon Nuclear Energy, Coroner John W. Callahan was able to place Meagan’s vehicle onto a trailer, which is now named “Meagan’s Story” and travels around Grundy County and the Chicagoland area. Callahan’s message is simple and those words are written on the side of the trailer, stating, “Don’t drink and drive!” Coroner Callahan urges everyone to always have a plan if they plan on drinking. Whether it is using a designated driver or ride-share program, such as Uber or Lyft. Stay safe!  Go Meagan, Go God!

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