Election Notices and Media Releases for the Election on February 26, 2019 (when available)

Canvassing the Election for the February 26, 2019 Election
Early Voting Notice

Ballot Color, Election, & Polling Place Change Notice

Grace Period Voting Notice 2-26-2019

Grundy County Elderly and Handicapped Voters


Please be advised that the following voting aids are available to assist elderly and handicapped voters in the Consolidated Primary Election, (City of Morris – Wards 1, 3, & 4), February 26, 2019

Magnifiers & Signature TemplatesTo Assist Voters who have visual problems.
HandicappedFor voters who must vote from a seated position.
Voting Booths Ballot BuzzersTo allow voters to summon Election Judges to help them enter the polling place.
Voting AssistanceHandicapped and Elderly voters requiring help may be assisted by a friend, relative or by the Election Judges.
Curbside VotingAvailable for voters who are physically unable to enter the polling place. Call the Grundy County Clerk’s Office at 941-3222 for information.
Voter RegistrationCall the County Clerk’s office at 941-3222 for locations throughout the county, for the Registrar nearest you, or if special arrangements need to be made.
Vote By MailVoters who wish to cast A Vote by Mail ballot may contact the County Clerk’s office to obtain the necessary forms if voting by mail or directions to the Early Voting location if voting in person.

Public Test of Optical Scan and Touch Screen

Vote By Mail Application Information

Vote By Mail Processing for the February 26, 2019 Consolidated Primary Election

Voter Registration Notices
Voting for Residents of Nursing Homes

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