Medical Reserve Corps

Nationally the Medical Reserve Corps is…..

Led by the Department of Health & Human Services, office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness & Response.

The MRC is comprised of medical and non-medical volunteers.

The MRC provides the structure necessary to pre-identify, credential, train, and activate medical and public health volunteers.

The Medical Reserve Corps provides health professionals and others as organized mechanism through which they can volunteer their time and skills to strengthen their communities by preparing for and responding to emergencies and disasters, such as (but not limited to) influenza outbreak/spread, epidemic, chemical release, or act of terrorism.

Locally the Medical Reserve Corps is…… 

Housed by the Grundy County Health Department in Morris Illinois.

The group is currently comprised of both medical and non-medical volunteers who assist in a variety of roles alongside our Health Department Staff.

While training and preparing for All-Hazards emergencies the volunteers assist with community outreach and education.

Community outreach and education involves volunteers (medical/non-medical) promoting healthy lifestyles whether it is diet, exercise, health screenings, in addition to preparing individuals’ families for emergencies that have the potential to strike in Grundy County.

Not all volunteers have to be out in the community speaking in front of others but can rather assist with behind the scenes like assisting with Health & Preparedness Fair coordination or drill and exercise coordination.

With the Grundy County Medical Reserve Corps there is a spot perfect for you no matter your previous skills, experiences, or interests. We hope to have you become a part of our team!

Corban Flynn, Emergency Response Coordinator

1320 Union Street, Morris, IL 60450

(815) 941-6818 (phone)

For more information, please email

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Become a Volunteer
What will I be doing as an MRC Volunteer?

As a Grundy County MRC Volunteer you will be learning and training alongside our staff to help better prepare the community for emergencies as well as educating them on healthier lifestyles including diet, exercise, and preventative health screening education.

The program is what you want to make of it! If you have a passion for helping people this is the program for you!

There are many different areas of interest our volunteers choose to be a part of. Read more about the different “teams” in the “Medical Response Teams” section below!

What the MRC can do for you!

When you are a part of the Grundy County MRC you gain experience in a wide variety of areas related to health as well as all-hazard emergencies. We strive to educate our volunteers so that they can in turn take what they learn and assist us with educating the community.

You will have the opportunity to attend some interesting trainings and potentially conferences offered. Being a part of the MRC opens many doors to help people within the County. We are proud of our volunteers and are so thankful for how much they do for us here in Grundy County.

With the Grundy County Medical Reserve Corps there is a spot perfect for you no matter your previous skills, experiences, or interests. We hope to have you become a part of our team!

MRC Response Teams – What’s Required?

You must be 18 years or older

You must be able to pass a background check

Have an interest in learning new things and helping people!

You do not need to be a Grundy County resident however, we just require that you have a means of transportation to attend meeting and trainings periodically throughout the year.

Do I have to have medical skills to volunteer?

No. We have a need for both medical volunteers to perform medical functions and non-medical volunteers to fill essential roles that do not involve medical duties. We need people with all different types of interest, experience, and education. We are willing to train for most positions so you can be a part of the different teams within the MRC.

Are there any fees or costs?

There are no fees to become an MRC Volunteer. Costs for trainings are also covered by the MRC and Health Department.

Next Free Information Session

Here is our next Free Information Sessions for anyone over the age of 18 that may be interested in learning more about the MRC:

Saturday, June 27th 2015 at 9:00am-1320 Union Street, Morris IL. 60450 (815) 941-6818

Sign Up for a Free Session

Kelly Hitt, MRC/Volunteer Coordinator
1320 Union Street, Morris, IL. 60450
(815) 941-6818 (phone)
(815) 509-7364 (work cell)

Current Volunteers

Special Projects

2015 Volunteer Membership Drive (See info in toggle below)

Community Outreach & Education Project-Monthly FREE trainings that our volunteers are asked to assist with putting together and potentially presenting to the community each month. Different topics each month!

Volunteers will be asked to assist with these outreach events. Please watch for upcoming dates/times/locations for these outreach and education events!

National Incident Management System Courses

NIMS ICS 100.b

NIMS ICS 700.a

NIMS ICS 200.b

NIMS ICS 800.b

Interesting Trainings (optional)

Basic MRC Training Videos

Psychological First Aid Training Self-Paced Online

Program Updates

2013-2014 MRC CBA Award Notification received!

2014-2015 MRC CBA Award Applications are in the process of being submitted!

2015 Membership Drive

Be a Part of the Kick-Off to our 2015 Membership Drive!

Dear Volunteer,

With the New Year comes times for our 2015 Membership Drive again! Our program had success with this last year! I’m excited to have you be a part of it! This will be a great way for you to get involved more wherever you are and whenever you have time all while making a huge impact on our MRC unit and potentially winning some pretty cool prizes!

Here’s how it will work!

Each volunteer that is already registered with the Grundy County MRC (like YOU!) will have a chance to participate in our membership drive. We’ll put you on our sign-up sheet and log the number of volunteers you send our way.

We are looking to increase our volunteer numbers and this is just another way for you to help us with that! You can take this opportunity to share with the community what the Grundy County MRC means to you and what others can gain from it as well! We are looking for both medical and non-medical volunteers to join from this membership drive.

Our primary requirements are that individuals are 18 years or older and can pass a background check. In addition to “count” individuals as volunteers we want them to not only complete the application process but attend/complete at least one meeting/training by the end of the membership drive in June 2015. This means they can either attend an in-person meeting/training with me or they can complete one of their online required trainings.

The membership drive will last from January 2015 until June 30, 2015.

What that means is you have until after our June monthly meeting to get volunteers signed up! You can do it!

We have simplified our application packet to make it easier for those interested to register with us. This will in turn help to recruit more easily, rather than having a huge stack of papers for them to fill out.

There are also multiple ways they can go about signing up with us.

they can receive the packet from you to complete and return to us with your name in the upper right hand corner of who referred them

they can go online at, click the Medical Reserve Corps Tab and retrieve the application (still notating they were referred by you)

they can stop by in person, pick up an application. If I am here we can meet and fill out the application together.

Volunteers that have recruited the most volunteers will win prizes that I am excited about! You will have a chance to win $25.00 restaurant gift card, volunteer novelty items, an award certificate framed, as well as recognition in our monthly newsletter and local newspaper(s). New volunteers that signed up under the winning recruiting volunteer will also receive some smaller prizes as incentives to join! So help spread the word!


Kelly Hitt
MRC/Volunteer Coordinator
Grundy County Health Department
Grundy County Medical Reserve Corps

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