Building Office



Grundy County Administration Building
1320 Union Street
Morris, IL 60450


Promoting the public health and general welfare, by effectively applying zoning and building regulations in unincorporated areas of Grundy County.

Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Robert Breisch, Chairman
  • Al Skwarczynski, Vice Chairman
  • Mark Hill, Member
  • Dick Joyce, Member
  • Lisa Lynch, Member
  • Sid Nelson, Member
  • Mark Sandeno, Member

Land Use Committee

  • Debra Jo Kinsella, Land User Committee; Chair
  • Eric Rasmussen, Land User Committee; Vice Chair
  • Millie Dyer, Land User Committee
  • Harold Vota, Land User Committee
  • Mike Onorato, Land User Committee
  • Joshua Harris, Land User Committee
  • Drew Muffler, Land User Committee

General Contractor Letters

Building Permits/Applications

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