Environmental & Resource Conservation Office (ERCO)



Grundy County Administration Building
1320 Union Street
Morris, IL 60450

Upcoming Events
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Book Drive:

There are currently no book drive events scheduled.


September 19th 2020

Paint Collection:

There are currently no paint collection events scheduled.

Shred Event:

September 17th 2020

Tire Recycling Event

There are currently no book drive events scheduled.

Toy Event:

There are currently no toy events scheduled.

Trashformation Event:

Trashformation Information Packet

Used Oil:

There are currently no used oil events scheduled.


ERCO is a County Office which is funded by the Clean Energy Fund of the Top Crop Wind Farm.

ERCO is the lead agency in the implementation of the County Solid Waste Management Plan, and has the following goals.

  • To decrease waste generation
  • Recycle, reuse, reduce, and respect the Earth
  • Insure the timely development of needed facilities and programs
  • Protect Environmental Resources


The goals of this office are implemented through the twenty year Solid Waste Update Plan that is updated every 5 years.

As part of implementing the Solid Waste Management Plan other activities that the office is involved with include:

  • Monitoring operations of the landfill by reviewing inspection reports.
  • Conduct educational and promotional activities, special recycling events etc.
  • Administer/monitor hauler licensing program.
  • Maintain and develop up-to-date information and provide educational materials on recycling, source reduction to individuals, officials, groups, commercial businesses and governmental agencies.
  • Monitor recycling activities in County buildings.
  • Coordinate with state and County agencies with regards to recycling/source reduction events.
  • Provide grant opportunities to schools on how to recycle, reuse, reduce, and respect the Earth.
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