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News Release: Grundy County Treasurer Lori Werden


Grundy County’s mobile home tax bills are due June 1, 2018.  Per state statue 35 ILCS 515 mobile homes are billed based on the age and square footage of the home.  The charges vary from 15 cents per square foot to 7.5 cents per square foot.  A $25 per month late fee may be assessed for delinquent payments.

Mobile home owners who occupy the home and are 65 years of older or are disabled are entitled to a 20% reduction on the mobile home tax bill.

The State of Illinois requires a mobile home release to be issued by the County Treasurer when a mobile home is sold or the title is transferred into another individual’s name.  To obtain a release from the Grundy County Treasurer the mobile home taxes must be paid in full.

Taxes generated by the mobile homes are distributed to the various tax districts such as the school districts, libraries, fire departments, etc.  The mobile home park owner pays the real estate taxes on the real property and or land and/or improvements.



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