Grundy is not only essential agriculturally in Illinois, but in manufacturing and industry as well.

Rural & Urban

Encompassing areas both rural and urban, Grundy County is a progressive
region poised for residential and economic growth.

Grundy County

Filled with thriving communities with old-fashioned charm.

Economic Development

Grundy County is in the top 5% of fastest growing counties in the U.S.

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Grundy County Administrative Building

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Thank you for your interest in Grundy County! Established in 1841, Grundy County is situated just 80 miles southwest of Chicago
along Interstates 80 and 55. More than 50,000 people call Grundy County “home”.

Grundy County measures approximately 430 square miles and is one of Illinois’ most important, commercial and agricultural counties.
The Illinois River along with other streams gives Grundy County about 45 miles of waterways. Additionally, the Illinois
and Michigan canal flows through the county seat of Morris, adjacent to the Illinois River.

The Grundy County Courthouse is in Downtown Morris and serves as a beautiful and dominant landmark in the area. The county’s primary offices, which serve as the center of Grundy County Government, are located at the Grundy County Courthouse at 111 E. Washington Street, Morris, IL 60450.  The Courthouse houses all of Grundy County’s judicial offices; State’s Attorney, Circuit Clerk and the Judges offices and three courtrooms.  It is also home to the County Clerk and Recorder’s office, the Treasurer’s office and the Assessor’s office.

The Sheriff’s Office is located on Illinois Street behind the Courthouse.

The Grundy County Administration Building is located at 1320 Union Street , Morris, IL.  It is home to the Administration offices, the Land Use department, the Coroner’s office, the Regional Office of Education, the Emergency Management offices, and the Health Department.   The county board meetings and the majority of the county’s committee meetings take place at the administration building.

Current Events & Announcements

From special weather alerts and road construction details to area health concerns – here is where you will find up-to-date alerts and bulletins that the residents of Grundy County need to know.

Election Information

The Grundy County Clerk serves as the election authority. The office conducts Federal, State, County, Municipal and School Board elections. They follow state and federal regulations to ensure the citizens of Grundy County are provided with a fair and equal election process as required by law.


Click here to see our calendar of meetings, event, festivals and all sorts of activities that make Grundy County truly a spectacular place to call home.

Tax Extension Department

The Tax Extension Department is responsible for maintaining records on all real and personal property, for the purpose of assessing, billing, and collecting ad valorem taxes. The Tax Extension Department is a division of the Count Clerk’s Office.

Employment Opportunities

Grundy County is a great place to live, raise a family and work! Click for employment opportunities within the county government.


It’s great to know what’s going on in Grundy County! Click here to see up-to-date minutes and agendas for previous and upcoming county board and committee meetings.

Tornado Information

For up to date information visit the following facebook pages. 



Coal City Area Tornado Press Release

Coal City Area Tornado – Official

Update on Tornado Relief Effort
June 24, 2015

On June 22nd the Coal City area was impacted by a severe storm that produced an EF-3 tornado damaging many homes and businesses. Aid and support for those impacted has generously flowed into the area and we are thankful for the volunteers and first responders who have worked continuously since the storm. Our thoughts and prayers continue for those whose homes and loved ones have been affected by the storm. With the assistance of the Grundy County EMA assessment teams the current estimate of properties affected is 1,372. The GCEMA teams are currently categorizing those properties based on the level of damage. As the work continues, residents, clean-up workers, and the press are asked to note the following pieces of information:

Immediate Services for Residents
• Shelter, food and other essentials are available for impacted residents at the Coal City United Methodist Church (CCUMC).
• To preserve safety and security, those seeking aid must present identification at the CCUMC.
• Over 700 meals were served today, June 24, 2015, at the CCUMC.

Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC)
• A multi-agency resource center (MARC) will be established to provide coordinated access to local and state resources for impacted residents.
• The MARC will be located at the Berst Hall of the St. Mary Assumption Parish in Coal City (245 S Kankakee St) and will be open:
o Friday, June 26th (Noon to 7:00pm)
o Saturday, June 27th (8:00am to 6:00pm)
o Sunday, June 28th (8:00am to Noon)

Parking Restrictions
• In order to efficiently clear debris, the following parking restrictions are in place.
• Street parking will be allowed on the even side of the street on even calendar days and the odd side of the street on odd calendar days. For example on June 29th (odd calendar day) parking will only be allowed on the side of the street with odd numbered addresses.
• No parking will be allowed on South Broadway Street South of Chestnut Street.

Volunteer Coordination
• Through the coordinated efforts of the Village of Coal City’s Call Center (815-518-3047) and Volunteer Services Coordination staged at the Diamond Banquet Hall, 76 volunteers were able to assist residents today.
• There have been many more offers of volunteer assistance.
• Coordinated volunteer efforts will begin Friday, June 26th at 9am and will be staged from the Diamond Banquet Hall.
Volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes/boots, long pants, gloves, hat/visor, sunglasses and sunscreen. Volunteers are encouraged to carpool. Volunteers will be provided with safety vests and other relevant equipment and will be bused to a neighborhood.
• Cleaning donations (buckets, bleach etc.) are being accepted at We Care of Grundy County (530 Bedford Road, Morris).

Please make donations before Thursday at noon.

We would like to again thank the community for the enormous amount of work and support provided to help recover from the storm. Those who would like to donate money to the relief effort are encouraged to visit the Grundy County Community Foundation’s website at http://www.cfgrundycounty.com. For any question, concerns, or issues please call Coal City’s Call Center at 815-518-3047.
Issued by: Village of Coal City
Questions: Sergeant Tom Logan
Contacts: Phone – 815.263.5291

How You Can Help!

Grundy County Housing Authority
Yesterday • Edited •

Please share – Many have asked how they can help in #CoalCity. We have 3 suggestions:

1. You can physically help clean up.
Friday, June 26th at 9:00 am
Diamond Banquet Hall, 113 & Daly, Diamond, IL
– see map at: https://goo.gl/maps/l2FBL
Wear closed-toed shoes/boots, long pants, gloves, hat/visor, sunglasses, sunscreen, (all the usual safety stuff) carpool if you can.
You will be given a safety vest and other relevant equipment and then bused to a neighborhood.

2. You can help provide supplies for those who will be cleaning up.

Cleaning-type donations are being accepted at We Care of Grundy County, 530 Bedford Road, Morris, IL. They are currently in need of donations of: HEAVY DUTY RUBBER GLOVES (the yellow gloves for cleaning), BLEACH, TOILET PAPER, PAPER TOWELS, as well as GENERAL CLEANING SUPPLIES and CLOROX WIPES. Deliveries of these items can be made 24/7 in the garage at the front of their building. There are posted instructions for how to open the door. You simply press 1,2,3,4 and “ENTER” on the key pad and the door will open and you can set your items in the garage. Please make the best use of their garage space and consolidate your items in as tidy of stacks as you can, as they may have an abundance of deliveries.

3. You can provide financial support.

One organization we trust to get money to people in need is the Community Foundation of Grundy County. You can donate online with this link:https://goo.gl/CNJXcx

To make a donation with a check please  write checks to “Community Foundation of Grundy County” and put “Disaster Fund” in the memo line.
Mail to:
Community Foundation of Grundy County
102 Liberty Street
Morris, IL 60450
Please call us at 815-941-0852 or julie@cfgrundycounty.com if you have any questions.

New Items that are needed


  • Tylenol
  • Motrin
  • Advil
  • Tums

All must be new in unopened bottles.

Coal City Area Needs

The following items are desperately needed for Coal City tornado families.
Please deliver to Coal City United Methodist Church on McArdle Road just west of Broadway:

• Packing tape (lots of boxes but no tape)
• Tarps
• Vests
• Sunscreen
• Flashlights
• C & D batteries
• Brooms
• Buckets
• Rubber gloves
• Lysol liquid
• Lysol wipes
• Mops
• Rakes
• Totes
• Boxes
• Tarps
Personal hygiene & first aid:
• Band-aids
• Pepto Bismol
• Basic first aid items
• Tylenol
• Ibuprofen
• Feminine products
• Toilet paper
• Shampoo
• Deodorant
Baby items
• Jar food
• Formula
• Diapers
• Pull-ups
• Cat food
• Dog food
• Kitty litter

Tornado Claims Information



Governor Rauner has declared Coal City and the surrounding area a disaster area due to a tornado that struck the area on June 22, 2015.  If your property was damaged by the tornado, you may be eligible for a proration of your assessment.

Get the PTAX-245 “Disaster Area Application for Reassessment” form below, in the Assessor’s Office, or at the Village of Coal City and Village of Diamond offices.  Return forms to Grundy County Supervisor of Assessments, 111 E. Washington Street, Morris, Illinois.

Download the PTAX-245 “Disaster Area Application for Reassessment”